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Date: September 10th 1916

In France
Sept 10/16

My Dear Wife:

I received your welcome letter and am sorry to learn that Baby & Dody are still sick. Was very glad to know that you have such a lot of Blackberry jam for I have a failing that way. I put the date line Belgium on all my letters and was surprised that you did not know where I was. What has become of Tom Smith? I suppose they will find his body near Clover Point one of these days. you and the children must have worked hard at the ranch to pick so many berries. How is your own health? I hope you are quite well by now. I am enjoying good health. I suppose Baby is talking good now, and Dody will be disappointed by not going to school. If I can find some small present I will send it to her. Tell her to be a good girl and that she will go to school at New Year.

We are living in billets, in a prosperous town in France. all the civilian population fled when the Germans had it, and only now are beginning to return. The houses are well built of bick, and all are two storeys high. The floors are all tile, wood being used on the upper floors. Watch the papers and see where the Canadians are and there I will be. There are only about 20 civilians here and they are opening up little [?] stores. Prices are high here, 20 cents for a can of tomatoes, pineapples, etc and 10 cts for 1 pear.

The tobacco arrived with the letter, and I am now enjoying a good smoke. Thanks very much. The sox have not arrived yet but may come in tonights mail. It was very thoughtful of you to knit them, and I will tell you, you dear old sweetheart, that they will be very welcome. Hope they arrive soon. So Ted quit Pat, after 5 years. Well, the change will do him good and he will see some of the country, as for Joe, I think he will last about a month and will then hike home. I suppose you have had some venison chops and I only wish I was there to enjoy them. Had a letter from Jack & they are all well. Must send maggie a brooch, forgot all about her. will close with Love & Kisses

Your Loving Hubby
XXXXX W. J Johnston X

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