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Date: October 26th 1916


170 Olive St.
Victoria, BC.
Oct, 26, 1916.

My Dear Jim:

I suppose you will be going to the front in a little while. I am sending you a christmas box and I want to know what kind of cigarettes or tobacco you like. Mrs. Smith gave Frank one of the little pups and he is very proud of it. Dorothy says thank Frank takes more care of the pup than he does for her. I have knit a pair of socks for Daddy but I have not them yet. I have not heard from Maggie for a long time. The little pup that I got from under the house is getting pretty big and he is getting just like nellie he barks whenever anybody comes down the walk. All the schools in the city are doing whatever they can to make money for the Belgians. Our school is having concerts, Bazar and taking junk to school. In one class the teacher had a doll since she was a little girl and the girls in her class made some clothes and raffed it. I am learning to play the piano now Well I guess it is time to close.

Your loving Sister
Mabel Johnston
5x each

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Original Scans