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Date: October 8th 1916

Oct 8th 1916 Risboro Barracks

Dear Mother.

I recived your kind and welcome letter last week, and was sure glad to get it. I had a letter from Mrs. Markham and she told me to give you her best Wishes when I wrote. I had my Picture taken and I am sending her one today there were a little bit better than the ones that I had taken there. I have got a new uniform now so I guess that had something to do with it. I am sorry that I cant send you one but they are all spoken for over here. I aint had a letter from Lil for about six weeks. I guess some kind Person has been telling her something nice about me over here. but I should worry. There is thousands of nice girls over here. I am thinking of staying over here if I am still alive when this war is over. we will be all through our M.G. class the end of this rouk, we will be ready for the front hen, but I am going to get six days leave if I can if I get it I am going up to yorkshire to see a friend of mine. she use to live in Vic. the weather here is getting pretty wet now and it is getting dark early at night. but I dont think we will be long now we moved back into the huts yesterday. and belive me when I wasnt sorry to leave the tents. but I guess the trenches will be worse than them but we should worry. well I Think this is all this time, so I wish you all the best of luck


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