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Date: October 3rd 1916

In my Dugout
France Oct 3/16

My Dear Wife:

Your welcome letter of Sept 6 arrived last night & I was glad to hear from you. It was very Kind of Mr Sand to not forget you. I pictured you and the children having a glorious time at Saanich and was disappointed as much as you, I guess your not going. What has gotten into Agnes? I don't blame, rather admire, you for keeping aloof. I can quite understand how lonesome it is, for you, but when I return, which I hope will be soon we will be out every night & make up for lost time. I understand that we are going to get 6 days leave, and I will try to get mine some time in the middle of Nov. so as to send you and the children an x mas box from England. Won't that be fine for the children to have Santa Claus come all the way from London? I think of all the childrens birthdays and it was nice of you to take them up the Gorge. And Dodys cake. How pleased she must have been Many thanks for the one you sent me. It has not arrived yet but when it does, I will certainly enjoy it. No sox yet. We have rifles, but do not carry them to work with us. I want you to send your measurements right away as I intend to get you a Burberry. Can get a first class one here for $4. also what color. I saw Dody & Baby but failed to see yours.
Well, you dear old sweetheart,
Will close with Love & Kisses

for Dody Your Loving Hubby
XXXXXX W. J Johnston
Canadian Composite Pioneer Co
XXXXX Canadian Corps
XXXXX France

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Original Scans