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Date: March 11th 1916

Between Ottawa &
Montreal March 11/16

My Dear Wife: I thought I would drop you a line, telling you how disappointed and mad the Pioneers are today. We arrived at Ottawa at 4 30 this morning, got up at 6 and had an early breakfast so as to get ready for Inspection. At 8 oclock a staff officer came down & told the Captain to hold us in readiness at the station until further orders. By the meantime the 45th headed by both bands, bugle & brass, marched off. They were inspected by the Duke, whilst we were left at the station, where we boarded the train, and proceeded to the Central Station and picked up the 45th and proceeded to Montreal where we will arrive at 4 pm. whilst the 45th were getting on the cars they were greeted with cries of "rotten," all the Pioneers spelling out the words. Everyone was sore. When the captain came in the care he had to wait 2 or 3 minutes before he could be heard. All he said was that some one blundered. So ended the Inspection of the Pioneers. There is lots of snow here, nearly 2 feet on the level. Well, you dear old sweetheart, I am sending you a post card folio of views of Ottawa with this letter. The cover is [?], on the back is a moose head, two flags & an Indian head between the flags. Let me know if you receive it. I hope you and the children are well. I guess Baby & Dody miss me more than Mabel & Iris. I certainly miss you & the children & only wish I was homeward bound instead of getting further away. I am going to mail [?] a post card from Montreal or Halifax. By By for the present with Love & kisses to all,

Your Loving Husband


One each for the
Kids the rest
& a million more to you.

Original Scans

Original Scans