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Date: June 1916
M. Lines

c/o Mrs Mc Gll

Bamfield, B.C.

June 1916

Dear Mother.

Just a few lines to let you know I arrived safe. I went to sleep before the boat left Victoria and slept until seven o'clock Friday morning the boat arrived at Port Renfrew at six o'clock and left at nine thirty. I had breakfast at eight o'clock. I was sick from the time we left Port Renfrew until we arrived at Bamfield and that was three thirty. we have a fine view of the water. there was about twelve boats out, with indians in fishing last night. there is about thirty five soldiers up here they were all down at the house to-day. they brought the piano up from the [?] harf. we are going for a picnic to-morrow in a launch. so I guess I will beat you people after all I guess I will have to close now as the [?] is in for a few hours and is going out soon.

Yours Truly

M. Lines


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Original Scans