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Date: June 30th 1916

Risboro Barracks Schorncliff

June 30th/16

Dear Mother. Just a few lines to let you know that I just got your letter tonight. that was some send off we got leaving there I felt fine all the time. I never new that I new so many girls before. I could not walk ten feet without some girl was saying goodby Jimmie. the two Payne girls from goldstream came in from there to see me off. the only thing I felt sorry for was that I could not see Lil. Once more. I seen her Sister at Fort Strick. I wish I was back for Domonion Day I guess there will be a big time at goldstream. This is a Pretty good Place here where we are now. we have got Willis old job just to break us in. I guess. we get a taste of that getting up 4 a.m. and walking about 8 miles to the [?]. I have had a good job this last 4 days. I have been at the 7 [?] on the road doing nothing. There was two nice girls came along yesterday and talked to me and the other feller for two hours. They was on a holiday for a week from London. They gave us there address and told us to come and see them if we ever get any leave. but I dont think I will get any for 7 weeks yet. we have only had $10.00 so far and dont know when we are going to get any more. Things are Pretty dear over here it cost us about 60¢ for ham and eggs so we dont eat very much I have only been to town 4 times I was to 1 Show. I go to bed about 7 oclock at night now. I think I have sowed all my wild oats now and I am getting a Pretty bum harvest now. we have to be in at 9.30 o clock now. no midnight Passes here only to men aloud a week end Pass at a time that is what gets my goat. we are only aloud to go about 5 miles and we get stopped I wanted to go to Dover last sunday but nothing doing [?] cant even get on a train without a Passport I thought I was going to see a little bit of this country but I figured different. all day yesterday I could here the big guns shooting over in France. I guess we will be at least 3 months here. There is 3 fellers here come over with the 48th Batt yet. I have met a lot of fellers from the 1th B.C. Batts some of then have been in the trenches 7 months we got a Colonist here last night from the 24th of may. everybodies was glad to see it. I was glad to see that we had our great coats sent ahead for us. but if the guy that Put that in the Paper had the park we had he wouldnt of thought we had them sent ahead of us. I was telling some of the 1th B.C. fellers that they are trying to get Probhiton there. and they said it was a shame to try a dirty trick like that while all the young fellers was away. they said if they had to Pick Peases of men out of the water like they do in the trenches before they drink it they to wouldnt want Probhiton. there is a boat sunk just out from where I am stationed at the [?] full of Brandy. There is divers go down everyday we can just see tow mast and the smoke stack. I dont know how it sank. Jack has just shillen a mess tin of water over my blankets. he thinks its a good joke. how does maggie like her job. There is going to be a sports day here somewhere tommorw I dont know wheather we have got to work or not yet. tell joe there is some chicken here. when I want a Pair of shoes I am going to steel a pair off some girl. but I will have to get a newspaper to fill them up with

I ment to write before but I kept Putting it off I will have to write to Charlin Sunday. I guess the Blackberrys are now ripe. I guess you dont get much time to Pick them. I guess it is Pretty great for you now since we have gone when you write our adress is Canadian M. Gun. Depo Risboro Barracks Shorncliff [?] 88 Batt. M.G.S. I think that will find us hoping you are all well

your loving son Jim

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