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Date: 1916

Friday 1916
Co.y 19 B'tn CP

My Dear Wife

Yesterday was a red letter day with the Princess. We arrived at Fort William at 2pm & in company with the 45th Battalion, and headed by their band we marched around the town for 1/2 hour. It was snowing the sun was shining, and the people flocked to all corners to see the show. The people do not bother to shovel the snow off the sidewalks, they wait until the street railway car plow cleans the snow off their tracks and then everybody uses the car tracks. Word has just been received that we are to be inspected at Ottawa tomorrow morning at 10 oclock by the Duke of Connaught. The 45th will be inspected first. From the appearance of the country around here I guess there will be lots of snow at Ottawa. I sent you the badges yesterday from Fort William. Put them in a cigarette case & mailed it some scheme, eh. On the train they only sell post cards in sets of 7 & 10. I will buy a set of views of Fort William and mail them in an envelope. Have run out of stamps. I forgot to mail Maggie one. Will mail her & the Boys one today, and you can give the children one each. How are you all. I am well and hope you are O.K. Have not written to ma yet. forgot her address, so when I write will mail to you. Last night was so cold that all the car windows were covered with frost, and now at 11:30 with the sun shining on the windows the frost is still there. If I had the money, old sweetheart, I would like to take you for a trip down here. This is a sample of paper & post cards that the YMCA distributed on the troop trains. Am sending you one for a souvenir. Will write tomorrow and tell you about inspection. With love to all children. How is my old Dody, and Evelyn. Has Evelyn got daddys place, or has she the front place.

With love to all and especially to you

Your loving Hubby. You can give Dody & Baby one xx and the rest for you


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