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Date: May 29th 1918
Robertson, John Hill

May 29/18

Seaford Sussex


Dear Mother

Just a few lines to let you know I have arrived in England Safe and Sound. We had a good trip it never got to stormy all the way over of course there was a big swell on all the time and lots of the fellows were sea sick but I never wailed a day. We arrived two days ago and are in the quarantine camp still. We will be here for ten days at least. The camp is fine so far it certainly is a big one. Seaford is only a small town with lots of crooked streets. We were on a march this morning down to the beach and we passed right through town. The country is pretty over here. We had a long train journey and we passed the prettiest farm you could see for miles and miles. All the crops are away up. I didn't realize it was summer till I saw the spuds and oats growing. I'll bet it is hot at home now. I wish I had my old panama hat now. I'm burning nearly as black as Jack Johnson. I'm going to write to Aunt Jim and the other Aunty today and let them know I here. We will get leave after we have been here a month they say. By that time the sure will think I'm a [?] but I should worry.

There are lots of Air plane around this part of the country we see them passing all day. The look like big bald headed eagles when they are high up and make an awful noise. They certainly go some too. These old country trains are a great [?] were all in compartments it was queer after being used to the big coaches. How is everything at home. I home you are still feeling well mother. Don't worry to much about me for I am as comfortable here as could be the grub is good here although it was rotten on the boat. How is sonny and Hannah and Dad. I hope they are well. I suppose sonny is starting to study so he will pass at the summer holidays. Has Hannah been working lately. I haven't very much news to send you because it will be censored so I can't say much about our trip. I'll have more news after I get my leave for then I can say what I think of Scotland. I haven't got any mail yet but the officer said there was lots here to be given out tomorrow I think I hope there is some for me. I guess there is but I anxious to here how you all are. our draft is all broken up and mixed with Victoria boy now. Cliff Pearson and another fellow call Peters are the only two of my old pals [?] in my bunch so we are tickled to be together. We see all the best around but we are in different company's well this is a lot at present hoping to here from you soon

Your Loving son


Write soon

Love to all John

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