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Date: June 19th 1918
Robertson, John Hill

Seaford Sussex


June 19/18

Dear Brother

How are you getting along. I haven't wrote to you for a long while it has always been Hannah or Mother so I thought I would drop an line to you this time. I received your letter dated May 15th at noon to-day enclosed in Hannah's. I was glad to hear from you. The picture wasn't very clear but it was good enough to see who we were. Say I want you to get a picture or two with you all so I can see what you are like I haven't got a good picture of Mother don't forget to send me one next letter. It doesn't matter whether it is a new one or no so long as it is a good one. Also one of dad. The only one of him I have is that one where he has just returned from work all dressed up in his old clothes. If our camera is on the bum you see Shindy he will take them or lend you his camera. He is off every after noon now since he changed shifts with Bondy. I get letters form him all the time. I got one to-day at super time. There were a couple of pictures in it. He has sent two bunches of pictures now. I'm glad to hear you are having a good time playing ball and going fishing. You will have the Holidays when this letter arrives. I hope you pass. You will soon be a high school guy playing tennis with the [?]. Our house will be handy for you to slip over to the tennis court. How are the chicks getting on are they laying yet. I guess you will all be sick of eggs this winter. You had better watch "Cub" dont get at them. I think he would be the kind to make quick work of a few chickens. Things here are the Same all the time, get up at 5 A.M. Drill from 8 to 12 and form 1 to 4.30 after that shine brass till bed time. It keeps us going. There isn't much time to spare. I always get away in my spare time and write a couple of letters. We get a Holiday on Wednesday afternoon for sports. It rained hard today so the sports were called off. There was a big sports day on June 15th. It was the Annual Canadian sports in England. We got off in the afternoon to see them. It was good you would have laughed to see a tug of war between nurses and the nursing Sisters. It was five aside. They tuged away like two dogs at a potatoe sack. Each won a pull then the Sisters won out. There were lots of [?] and a baseball and a football game. The grounds were all decorated with flags & ribbons. The was a great crown too nearly all soldiers. It was "some affair". I got a letter from Cousin Mary & one from Cousin John he is in Scotland. He like the army about the same as I do. He wrote me quite a letter. I wish my leave would come so I could go up to "Bonnie Scotland". I guess it wont be long now. I will have lots to write you then. I havent much more at present so will close with lots of love to all

Your loving brother


Write again soon I like to hear from you Im glad you liked the pennant

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Original Scans