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Date: July 7th 1918
Robertson, John Hill


Pte John H Robertson

1st Canadian Reserve

Seaford Sussex


July 7/18

Dear Mother

It is Sunday to day so I thought I would write a few lines home. I havent had any letters from any of you this week I guess they will come all right now. Before I was getting letters in bunches of three or four. I guess all the time I was on the boat They were catching up on me. I had a letter from uncle will and also One from shindy so I did not bad. That is not counting my Old Country mail. I also go letters from Aunt Kim & Cousin Mary. I wrote them today and also Auntie McGarrigle. I am getting leave on next Tuesday so I sent them all a note that I was comming. I'm glad we are getting leave at last it get one my nerves waiting so long. I have another suit of clothes now we got the Imperial issue a couple of days ago it is a lot different from the other uniform. They fit loose and are built more for comfort than looks. I will have them to wear when I go to scotland so I'll be some class. I will get my picture taken If I get a chance and send you one. I got a bunch of snaps from shindy they were fine His letter arrived to-day. You ought to get him to take a few of you and David and Hannah and Charles. He would if you asked him. He was telling me all about the new Garage. I guess it is near finished now.

How is everything in Kamloops. I guess it is still awfull hot. We have had it fierce here all this week. There is also a lot of influenza around but I have been lucky so far One fellow from my tent was taken to the hospital up town and another to the Army Hospital everyone seems to have it. In our tent 4 out or eight were sick at once. I dont know how I escaped. I didn't used to pass anything like that up did I. It acts like an extra special attack of Grippe. Lots of them drop in there tracks when marching. Well I haven't much more to say at present so I will close with best love to all

Hoping to hear from you soon

Your loving son John.

I will have more when I get on my leave write soon.

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Original Scans