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Date: July 21st 1918
Robertson, John Hill


Pte John H Robertson

1st Canadian Reserve

Seaford Sussex


July 21/18

Dear Brother

I received your welcome letter the other night just as I was writing a letter to mother so I had to wait a couple of days before I answered. It is Sunday today so I have some time to spare. I am in a library that we have here so It is better than writing on my knee. I am having it easier now because our drill hasn't been so hard since we had our leave. The only thing I didn't like was a route march we had the other evening after drilling all day we got orders to parade at a quarter to six in heavy marching order. That is with everything you have piled on you. we got back at about half past ten so you can see we spent a pleasant evening. I wish you could have went to Scotland with me on my leave. We could have had a fun time. Uncle Davy has a little boy call Ross. He is about the size of Arthur McGarrigle was when he used to come to our place. He is a great kid. He used to go all over with me. we went for a walk one day up the Preacher's Burn and uncle Davy lasooed a bairdie with the root of a weed that grows around there I guess Dad will be able to tell you about it. A bairdie is just like a sticky back. They took some pictures while I was there I will send them to you when I get them. Uncle Charlie and Uncle John have boys just about your size . You would have to learn Scotch right away to talk to them. I wish you had been with me. You aught to see the small horse some of the hawkers have in London. They are smaller than Govetts Shetland pony. They look funny pulling a great big load along. There were lots of things I wish you could see. I would take a year to write it all. I was sorry when I had to come back to camp. I got a paper Hannah sent yesterday. It was printed June 13 so it was a long time coming wasn't it. I was glad to get it though there was lots of news in it just the sauce. I was down town last night and brought about 3/ of chocolates and had some fish & chips every time I go down I have a fine feed. I also got some leather buttons. I am going to take off the brass ones and put on the leather ones. That saves me a lot of shining. [?] getting pretty cute eh! It no use working when you dont need to is it. I'm on the lookout for everything that saves work here. we get enough the way it is. I havent very much more to say so I will close with love to all Hoping to hear from you soon.

I am your loving brother


I hope mother is still feeling well and also Dad Hannah and yourself. Iam first class myself.


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