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Date: August 15th 1916

In Belguim


My Dear Wife:

Your welcome letter of 19th July received and am very glad to learn that you are slowly regaining your health, and I hope that the week you spent at the ranch was not as lonesome as you anticipated, and proved of great benefit to you, now, my dear old sweetheart, just take things easy and do not worry and everything will turn out all right. you must know that your health is of the utmost importance and take good care of it. you would not know me if you were to see me coming down the street for I am as brown as a berry. you have heard me talk about the flies and mosquitoes of Alaska, well these here have them beat a block, and I am all "stung" up. Have had both eyes swollen up, and forehead all lump. Just received a letter from Fluffy, and it certainly surprised me. She says that "Sherlock" has lost his job at Anyox, and is now cutting cordwoord. He is all right I dont think. you must certainly have looked bad when poor old Grandma noticed it. Are you going to send Dody to school after the holidays? How is the Baby getting on? I guess she wants to play with the big girls all the time. When I come home it will seem strange for you and I, old sweetheart, to go shopping Friday night. On Saturday night we will have to take in a show. Tell Baby & Dody that we have Charlie Chaplin here. There is no news here so will close with Love & Kisses to all Your Loving Hubby

W. J Johnston

XXXXXXXX Birthday Kiss for Dody [?]

XX over

am sending receipt for requested parcel

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Original Scans