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Date: April 13th 1916

St Martins Plains
April 13/16

My Dear Wife:

Some new Easter post cards came in from France yesterday and I bought three, one for you, one for Gootsie, and, don't laugh you dear old Sweetheart, I sent one to Yokin. When I go to town again I will buy some different one and send them to you, I will also send one to Mr [?]. The papers you sent me are lost. From all accounts they were sent to France, and, we are given to understand, they do not send the paper mail back! Several Canadian letters arrived last night that had been in France. The weather here is fierce. about half of the company have colds in the head, and all are complaining of the cold weather. I suppose you have got the garden in and your small vegetables, peas, lettuce, [?] are up. The only thing I ask you, dear old sweetheart, is to take good care of yourself, not work too hard, & keep your health. Your health, you old dear, how I would like you see you now, is more precious to me than all the gardens in the world. I expect to be home before winter sets in. The opinion is current here that it will all be over in three months. I wish it was over now, and that I was on my way home to you and the children. My old Evelyn, I can see her now, and Dody too. How is my Sammy? Is Dody a good girl and does she help you? I hope Mabel & Iris help you with the work around the house.

5000 troops arrived here Sunday and are camped near here. The 62nd from Van are ½ mile away. the 67th are expected daily. Will have to close but will write Saturday. With Love & Kisses to you & children. Is Teddy & the rest of the boys O.K.

With Love & Kisses to self & children

Your Loving Husband

W.J Johnston


PS am writing this after dinner. Got to parade soon so have to close.

XX Let me know if you got all the P. cards.

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