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Date: April 10th 1916

W. J Johnston
487355 W J Johnston
1st Can Pioneers, St Martins Plain
April 10/16

My Dear Wife:

I certainly received a great surprise on Saturday when the 1st Canadians mail arrived for I got 2 letters from you, and certainly feel better now. The reason you did not see me after I went to the boat was that I felt too bad, and went down and made up my bunk, and tried to sleep, but in vain. I am glad to know that you are well, and hope that you & the childrens health will keep good until I return to my old sweetheart. I heard, & unofficially, that I will not go to France as I am over the age limit. So do not worry but keep on smiling for I will soon return to my old love. It is too bad that Pte Middlemiss died. It was very good of you, to go and look after the children for her. I wrote to ma today. When you send me tobacco register it. I heard today that a young soldier here got 20 pliys sent from home and he never got it and could get no trace of it. We get up at 530 in the morning now. The weather here is awful cold. The wind goes right through us, and every night it is more like a November night in Victoria than April. The two weeks we have been here have been awful cold. I can't keep warm in bed. I put in a pass to London and if I get it will send you a shirt waist & the children some ribbons. Will also get my "mug" taken for my dear old sweetheart.

The papers have not arrived yet, but expect them any day now.

Will close with Love & Kisses to self & children



Your Loving Hubby

W. J Johnston

P.S. Today we could hear the rumblings of big guns in France

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