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Date: March 1st 1917
Ona and Levi
Smith, Arthur Calvin

March 1st, 1917

On Active Service SomeWhere in France

Dear Ona and Levi

Just a line to let you know I am well and getting along fine over here in France. I just wrote a letter Home to night so I though I would write you one. I have not received any mail since coming to France, but I think it soon will come along. I get enough to eat out here. Tonight I went out and had two eggs and chips a slice of bread and a cup of coffee for 32 cts in Can Money. And the eggs was fine.

The weather here at present is Spring weather and the sun shines and is quite warm. But over in Canada I suppose it is quite cold on the first of March.

Well I have not been in the Trenches yet, but am in a school behind the lines, which they put the men through before they get to the Trenches.

I think it will be safer in Canada than France this summer but I am getting along all right over here so far.

Write soon and use this address

No. 739465: Pte. A. C. Smith,

B.E.F., France

From Arthur