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Date: June 14th 1917
Smith, Arthur Calvin

June 14th, 1917

Dear Brother Dewey,

Received your letter today that you wrote on Apr. 29th and was glad to hear from you.

I received the parcel that Mother sent me on May 18th the other day and that lice powder is doing the job all right.

I also received the registered letters of Apr. 16 and May 7th the money came all right.

I also got a dollar from Ona.

I got a letter from Aunt Nellie and she said she sent me a parcel on May 22nd. So I am looking for it any day now.

You are making good money at the Monarch, but I suppose you got to spend a lot for a living in Canada these days.

We can buy quite a few thing to eat over here. And I think they are as cheap here as in Canada.

Here is some of the prices

Bread = 16 cents a loaf, about twice the size of a Canadian loaf.
Jam, most any kind for thirty cents.

1 pt. Can of Golden Syrup for 25 cts.

We can get salmon, Canned fruit, and a lot of good things to eat.

Here is a few thing to send in the next parcel that comes for me.

A pair of shoe laces, some sugar, tea, another tin of lice powder, put lots of paper around the powder so it won't leak out.

A pint of honey will be very good. The peanut candy that was in the parcel was excellent so was the salted peanuts.

I am well and enjoying myself at present in a French village some where in France.

I was two months at the Front but not in the trenches very much mostly in the working party that I was in, but am with the Battalion now. I was not in any fighting yet, but in the big battle of Apr. 9, I saw some good sights out here. The Toronto Exhibition has nothing to this out here. I have seen some good air fights. They are fine to watch. Hope the war ends before the winter sets in, as I don't think I would like a winter in the trenches.

Well Dewey how are you standing it these days. It must be a little hot in the MK. Co.

Hope this letter finds you all well at Home and hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes

From Your Brother