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Date: June 3rd 1917
Smith, Arthur Calvin

June 3rd, 1917

Dear Mother and All the Loved Ones at Home.

Received the letter you wrote on April 15th, with the money in it alright. I got it last night. I also got a letter from Ona with a dollar in it at the same time. I have received the letter you wrote on May 13th also. So I think I get all the letters allright.

I was glad to get the money as I needed it badly and it will come in handy over here at present. By the way I am with the Battalion now have been with it for about twelve days, and I was up in the trenches and came out safely and am well.

I had a couple of boils on my neck, but they have got better now.
When I was up in the trenches I sent you a couple of Field Cards letting you know I am well.

I am at present out on a rest, which I think is something like the school I was in when I first came to France. There is a good place here to buy things to eat. I had a tin of pineapples for supper so the money you sent I will have a fine time on it.

I saw about twenty of the Dunnville boys to-day, besides what's in this Battn. I don't know where Raithby is at present, but the last I heard of him he was still in England, but may be in France by now. Robbie is dong good in the MK Co. and Dewey I guess is getting good wages now I suppose. I got the chinplaster (shinplaster - a 25 cent note) all right some time ago. Glad you got my letters all right.

The letter you wrote on May 13th I got it, in twenty days, so I get some of them quick. You ask me if I got body lice, well I got lots of them. I kill about 250 each day, if I didn't I couldn't sleep at nights. I got enough socks at present, but you could send a pair in your next parcel to me.

The weather here is fine summer weather.

When the black currants are ripe you could send me a pint can of them in a parcel as I like them fine and you could put in a couple of Jack Canucks papers also. Put in some candys, not "chocolates" but "hard candys" such as lemon drops, Peppermints and peanut candy.

I got the watch the B.C. gave me yet and it is going all right. There is none of the B.C. boys with me as I know. You could write my address like this:

Pte ---

No. 739465 "C" Company

19th Battalion, Canadians

B.E.F., France

I am well and in good health at present, and had some experience of two months at the Front.

Hope this letter find you all well at Home and in the Best of Health.
I think this is all for this time with love from