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Date: July 14th 1917
Smith, Arthur Calvin

July 14, 1917 (to Ona)

On Active Service

Somewhere in France

My Dear Sister,

Received your letter a few days ago when I was up in the front line, so will answer it now as I have time. The letter was dated June 14th also received the bunch of five chronicles about a week ago.

I am well and in good health at present, and hope you are all well.

I got a dandy parcel from Jennie London a few days ago also one from the Dunnville Red Cross. In Jennie's parcel were some fine chocolate beleave me, about 15 bars and some with cherries in which were great.
I got a letter from Ether dated June 8th. Also one from Mother Dated June 17th with a five franc note in. I got it alright. Yes I can get eatables quite cheap out here, that is about two miles from the front line or farther back. The Y.M.C.A. keep a lot of eatables.

Well I hope you like it better on the farm as I think living on the farm would be fine in the summers. Hope you have a fine garden this summer. I got a few vetatables about two weeks ago, when I was farther back.

I passed the chronicles around to some of the Dunnville boys.

I saw my letter than Sol put in. I suppose he felt proud of it.

I had a little swim to-night but I think a good swim in Lake Erie would be a lot better.

When I was up in the line I sent you a field card to let you know I was well. I had a few close calls there this time but came out safely.

I am living in a cellar at present and it is quite comfortable.

Beleave me they have got the country smashed up a little around here.

I bought a can of strawberry jam the other day and it certainly went fine

Well I have run out of news for this time.

Hope this letter finds you all well as it leaves me in good health.

Best Wishes to all

From Arthur