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Date: February 25th 1917
Uncle Solomon and Aunt Maggie
Smith, Arthur Calvin

Sunday Feb. 25/17

On Active Service

Some where in France.

Dear Uncle Sol and Aunt Maggie,

Well to-day I though I would write you a line to let you know that I arrived in France some time ago and getting along all right. Well I was a little sea-sick when crossing the Channel, but am well at present and feeling fine.

The weather here is like spring weather in Canada. The sun is shining at present and it is a fine day out but it is quite wet and damp.
Well, France is quite a fine place, but the buildings are quite old and are mostly brick, with tile roofing.

At present am billeted in a old barn and we are still drilling as we are going through a course here and they are more stricter here than in England. Well I have not been in the trenches yet, but will likely be in the trenches before you get this letter I can hear the sound of the guns from here quite plainly.

This is my address now

Pte. A. C. Smith, no 739465.

19th Battalion Canadians.

B.E.F., France

Write soon and use this address.

Well I wish I was at your place today as I could show you how to eat.

I think this is all for the present.

from Arthur