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Date: February 3rd 1917
Ona and Levi
Smith, Arthur Calvin

Feb. 3, 1917

West Sandling Camp, Kent, England

Dear Ona, & Levi,

Received your letter on the 1st of Feb that you wrote on Jan 15, and was glad to hear from you.

I am well at present, and hope you are well also hope Margaret is not so cross these days.

I wrote some time ago telling you that I received your parcel and many thanks for the same, also I received Mothers parcel and I received the stocking from the "Red Cross Society". There was a letter in the Red Cross Stocking and I wrote thanking them for it. I also got the bunch of Chronicles you sent! Well I think I get all the letters from Mothers wrote to me. How do you like my Photo I sent to you a couple of weeks ago.

The weather here at present is cold and there is four inches of snow on the ground But I seem to like the cold weather better than I do the wet weather.

Well I am in this Camp yet and don't know how long I will stay here. but am in no hurry to get over to France. I got a letter from Ethel about the middle of Dec. I am in the third Battallion now and my address at present is and am also in C company now.


Pte. A. C. Smith

"C" Coy. 3rd Can. Res. Battn.

West Sandling Camp, Kent.

c/o Army Post Office

London, England.

Use this address as it will get me quicker.

I am well and feeling fine at present and write soon this is all I
think of at the present from your Brother Arthur.