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Date: February 11th 1917
Smith, Arthur Calvin

Feb. 11, 1917

West Sandling Camp, Kent England

Dear Ona, -

Just a line to let you know I am well and living good at present I got a letter from Ethel Heckadon on Thursday. I also got one from Home & Uncle Steve yesterday. Well Ona I am on a Draft at present for the 19th Canadian Battalion and expect to leave here any time now to go to France, and will be there before you get this letter. I just wrote "Home" & to Steve & Sol and will write you one. I wrote one last week to you. Did you get the Post Card Photo I sent to you let me know.

This draft will take a lot of the Old "B" Company. It is to the 4th & the 19th Battalions. Tommy Barnes is going to the 4th Battalion. Well I suppose my training days are over and my fighting days are to come now. I been in the Army now One Year in two days more, so I have had one years training.

Don't worry to much over me being at the front as I will take care of myself there. There not much to be afraid of out there, although I would like to stay here till warm weather comes, but that does not matter much as they dress us warm out at the Front. They say the 19th Bn. Is a good one to get into, so I guess I am all right.

The weather here is fine at present, not to cold & not to warm. Well when we leave here we carry every thing that we need on our backs, so I am sending all my cards & photos home.

I intend to write to Ethel when I get to France. The small card I am sending you I got sent to me from Home. When I get any cards I send them beck to somebody as I would have to burn them if I didn't. I am also sending you a Photo of Hythe the Place I got my Photo taken. Hope you get this letter all right and hope you are all well and getting along fine. How is the weather at Port these days.

My old address will get me all right so write soon

From Your Brother


Best Wishes