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Date: August 6th 1916
Smith, Arthur Calvin

Sunday Aug 6th/16 (to Ona)

Camp Borden

Dear Sister, -

Received your card Friday about five o'clock, just coming off a rout March, and a swim. We march about 9 or 10 miles. The dust is just as good as ever. No rain since coming up on Tues. I did not get down to see you before I left. I think I may get a pass this week end. Aunt Nellie lives about 1 ¼ miles from the Union Station, or a 20 minutes walk. I took a Street car out & walked back as to put in time, perhaps she may be home next time.

Pte. A.C. Smith

114th O.S. Bn. C.E.F.

"B" Coy. No. 739465.

Camp Bordon.


I just notticed my address on the card you wrote me & you got 144th instead of 114th but my number saved it. Save the above address. I suppose you had a good time with Florence & Annie to see you. They must have a lot of hay down in Port Colborne. I wish we had some good sod up here,it would come in handy on top of this sand. Had church prade this morning about nine o'clock four Batt together.

I was to the Strand Theater this after noon & it was good. I have not got to the Kitchener Theater yet but must go soon, the shows are good up here, & cost 10 cts. to go in. The Strand holds about 2500 people. I washed my pants & shirt yesterday and got them a little cleaner. Yours is the first mail I got since coming up here, and was glad to get it. I got a little present for you & will give it to you when I come down. A Batt next to us left the Camp last Thurs. & we praded them down to the station and gave them a send off.

How's fishing in Port now, we had fish for dinner one day this week, but I guess it was Western fish, as it didn't taste like Lake Erie fish. Well I guess this is all write soon.

From Arthur