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Date: May 9th 1917

Crowborough Camp
May 9th [1917]

Dear Pa

Just as I finished Ma's letter it became so dark that I am now finishing by the aid of a candle & since I thought of a little more to say I am finishing up.

I have made enquiries concerning Gordon Kennedy & I met one fellow today who knew of a fellow by that name in the orderly office but didn't know where I could find him. However as soon as our quarantine is over I will look him up! We were all very disappointed to hear on arriving that they have cancelled all leaves. That means that it will be a long time before we get ours if we get it at all.

Financially I am in good shape having still about 20 dollars left out of my fifty. So I won't need to call on my letter of credit for some time. However as we have to buy a lot of little odds & ends in the way of eats it will no doubt come in handy.

The officers that train us here are much more severe in the way of discipline and for a while its going to be a little hard but we will soon get accustomed to it. We are practically beginning all over again in the way of training in fact yesterday we were doing the squad drill ect. This we took up at High School. They don't seem to have much of an opinion of our Canadian officers & trainers.

Yesterday we were inspected by the commanding officer and after a long review he lined us up and made a few sarcastic remarks among which were, "You Canadians don't need to think that you know it all because you don't and have an awful lot to learn." Rather nice reception eh?

However we were told to expect this so we weren't so greatly surprised. This morning we got up at 5:45 & before breakfast had ¾ of an hours running and physical culture. You can hardly wonder that the fellows look so well. With the simplest of food and lots of air & exercise is enough to make you fit whether you would or no.

I wrote a long letter to Uncle Joe when on the boat & posted it in Liverpool. When writing him tell him my knew address & when any of your are writing be sure & make it

Divisional Signallers
Canadian Engineers
Crowborough Camp

because its the easiest thing in the world for mail to go astray.

I also sent a card to Mr. Neal & Mr. Hilton as I promised to write them a line so I thought I had better get it over with.

I hope business is as busy as ever & will you remember me to Mr. Rogers & Walter.

Let me know how things are going & by the way we passed McVitie & Price's [well known British biscuit manufacturer] on the way from Liverpool & from the outside I was rather disappointed.

Give my love to all the family

From Garfield