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Date: February 21st 1900

Troop 1, A Squadron,
Strathcona Horse,

Feb 21, 1900

Dear Eva,

I suppose you heard from Stan that we arrived all OK, so I will not describe our trip down. We have been getting our kits the last day or two, and I will tell you it is a great outfit. There are:

2 khaki uniforms, riding breeches;
1 dark green serge dress uniform, long trousers;
1 dark green serge uniform with 2 pairs riding breeches;
making 4 tunics and 5 pairs breeches.

Our boots are lovely tan riding boots, laced front and side, with uppers as soft as kid, besides which we have heavy fatigue boots and canvas deck shoes.

The hats are stiff-brimmed Stetsons and khaki forage caps.

The rest of the kit is as follows; 2 suits underclothes, 3 overshirts, 2 towels, 2 combs, hair brush, blacking brushes, clothes brush, shaving brush, razor, housewife (complete with scissors etc.), soap, knife, fork and spoon, 2 socks and 1 dunnage bag.

We have had a pretty good time so far, the townspeople doing everything in their power to make things pleasant for us. I was at the House (of Commons) the other night & heard a few members spout. We have been drilling pretty steady, or as steady as the ice will allow us; the whole place is a sheet of ice.

Our grub is fairly good, although plain, & well served, the table being decked out with plants. It is, however, not nearly so good as it should be, as the contractors get 25 cents per meal for every man. They must be coining money out of it. I intend to get a half day off & get the photos taken shortly, in khaki, I think, as I like it better than the serge. The bugle has gone for roll call, 9:30 pm, so I must close. Remember me to all friends & make this do for the family.

Yours affectionately,