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Date: February 22nd 1942

Feb 22 1942

Dear Folks,

Just a note!

I have just come back from visiting two [?] and namely Aunt Millie her husband and Uncle herbert. They all seem very well and were not very surprised to see me. They had received the Times with the announcement in that I was leaving.

We have been into quite a discussion of the family and I have got the low down on aunts, uncles and etc on all sides. I even learnt about father's boyhood days. You seem to have been their pet Pap! I saw a picture of your grandmother or grandmother's mother and grandma looks just like here. I also saw a picture of grandma in her younger days and she was evidently quite a good looking young lady. Her brother Herbert vouches for that.

I am very anxious to get that camera if it is possible so that I can get some snaps.

It may seem that I am draining my account in Canada but I assure you that is not my plan. However will you please give Grandma $10.00 out of it and tell her that it is from her brother Herbert. Him and I arranged for me to do that. I say it is to let her know that he remembers her. As her birthday was at the beginning of February will you also give her something from me.

Well it is just about dinner time so I must close for now. This is the second one today. You will more than likely get them both on the same day.

Love to all

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Original Scans