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Date: June 19th 1917

K. Ward 83rd Dublin General Hospital
Boulogne, France

Dear Alice,

How are you getting on now? All quite well I hope. You see by my address that I am in hospital again, but not wounded this time - sick, Trench Fever. I am getting on well and I guess I will soon be on my way back to the battery. How is Syd now, still O.K.? In your last letter you said that he was looking much older. I don't wonder at that in the least. This war is going to put years on us all. I don't feel half as well now as I used to do and I know I look much older. But still, I suppose it cannot be helped. I for one will be very glad when it is finished, won't you? I wonder when that will be.

Well, how are all the picnics and dances going Alice? You know I am rather interested in these things. Tell me all about them when you write will you. How does the river look now Alice? Pretty good I guess. Do you ever go through "Lovers Creek" now? You know where I mean don't you - Green Island. Those were pleasant days Alice although we did not realize it at the time. But the time I have put in over here since then has convinced me, and believe me, life is sweet. Will those days ever return, do you think? I often sit and think and wonder especially in the evenings or on a Sunday when my mind wanders to that little church on Wellington Street. I picture to myself all you people going in and then afterwards taking a nice easy walk. Then going home, really home. Do you understand the meaning of that word little friend?

I remember once when you used to be very restless at home, but I suppose that has passed now. I hope so anyhow. Wouldn't it be grand if we could gather together that old bunch of ours, just as we used to be. A bunch of kids we were really weren't we? But a good bunch. But that would be impossible now. I am sorry to say there would be some missing at the first roll call. Well we will just hope and trust that no more slide out. Do you think Alice that you will be able to arrange a picnic for us when we do come back if it is nice weather or a party if it is winter? Say yes when you write, then we shall have something to look forward to. Will you send me Syd's address when you write?

Do you know I have served more than 12 months in France now? Getting quite an old soldier, eh. Well it has been a great experience and I have seen some sights fit for the Gods to look on and some others that were not. But still, they are all included in this experience. How is Ma now? Quite recovered now I hope. Oh by the way, how is that trip to New York coming? Anything doing do you think? I hope so for your sake. I think you deserve a change.

Well dear friend, I don' think I have any more to say now. I will close with kindest regards to all at home and yourself. Tell Lily to keep on smiling. The war will end some day.

From Your old chum

P.S. Write soon will you please. Don't write here but to the battery. Bob