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Date: November 30th 1943
Mother & Dad

Nov. 30 - 43.

Dearest Mother and Dad.

Hello, once again Folks, well how are you all getting along I hope the best and the same for your health. Well I received your letters today and they sure are welcomed. I received over fifteen letters last week and eight so far this, so don’t you think that’s really getting the mail. I received a swell letter from Mr. Baragar of [Supertest?], asking me what kind of smokes I liked, they are going to send us 250 smokes a month and 500 for the month of Dec. so don’t you think that’s swell of [Supertest?].

There isn’t very much news these days, only it’s getting close to Christmas and I’m very much afraid I won’t be back with everyone at the time but I don’t think it will be long after as this war will soon be over now, the Russians are sure rushing these days and will be in Poland long before you get this letter.

I bet the pup is a nice looking one can you take a picture of him and send me a snap, and any other snaps you have, as I like to put them in my album and look at them, when I get in a homesick mood, which is plenty often, I haven’t wrote to Colin and Girls for about a week now but you know when I get through work at night which is usually about 9:30 I get plenty tired and haven’t much heart to write letters, but I guess I will write to them tomorrow or else they will be worried. I received an Air letter from Mary today and it came across in five days don’t you think that is fast. I haven’t heard from Bob for some time now but I think he is back in England again as some of the fellows are. I hope we meet each other and when going back to Canada will be able to travel on the same boat, he sure is one swell fellow, there is no other chum like Dixon. So Bob gave Chuck the brush off, “ah.” but I told her she would have to, as he is a bush man, wild and wooly, Well you know as I wrote the other day there isn’t much to tell you, but will write as often as possible. So will say Bye for now,

Your Ever Loving Son

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Original Scans