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Date: November 28th 1943
Mother, Dad & Betty
Clifford Callcott

Nov.28. 43.

Dearest Mother & Dad & Betty.

Well here I am once, more, it's three or four days since I wrote to you so I guess it's time I droped a line your way, I hope everyone is in the best of health & that the weather isn't too wintery, well at last I've been over to 211 [?] Road, and had a swell time at Cousin Dorthy' & Will's place, they are just like I expected them to be the very best of folks, I spent from Thursday night until three oclock this afternoon with them (Saturday) in other words a fourty eight, we had a swell talk together about everyone, & every thing in general, you know Mom, Dorthy is just like you in every way even to the way she talks, only thing different is you didn't bring me a cup of teas in the morning but Ron's Mother did, of course I didn't like tea that good when home, but now I'm a regular old tea granny no fooling I guess I've turned from a Canadian to a real Englishman, I didn't see any of London while there as the weather was bad but as I'm invited to go to there place when ever I wish to go I will do the town up proper and see London. Cousin Will has to go into the hospital on Thursday for an operation on his leg as he has varicose veins & they have opened, I guess he will be there for about ten days the first time you see Ron tell him His Mother & Dad are worried cause they haven't heard from him since the 28th of Oct. It is real east to get to there place, from London a six pence bus ride from London Bridge takes you nearly to there door, next leave I'm going to see as much of London as possible. The Folks were saying today that they would sure like to see you & hope you will be able to come over to England after the war & I hope you will be able to also, & then you could have a swell visit with all of your relations, I'm really mad at myself for not knowing enough to go to Aunt Lizzies when I was at, # 3. P.R.C, Just think I was only about 20 miles away from the place & didn't even know it, in the morning I'm [?] [?]. Detailed for cleaning up the place each day a different fellow has the job & tomorrow it happens to be mine. Well Mom; Dad & Bets, I guess this is all for once more, hope to hear from you often, Thinking of the three of you

See you soon

All My Love to the three of You


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