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Date: May 29th 1945
Mother & Dad

R.90468. R.C.A.F.

May 29-45.

Dearest Mother and Dad,

Hello, again, hope this letter finds everyone in the best of health, every thing seems to be about the same here, except that yesterday I came on this rest course, as we call it, anyway Sunday night, the F./S. came into the tent and asked me if I would like to go, so I didn’t want to hurt the dears feeling’s so here I am, at a place, called Steinbach it’s about 30 kilometre’s from Hanhover. Coming down we took the great highway of germany called the motorband, and it certainly is a swell highway four lane just like the one from Toronto to Hamilton, this highway goes from one end of germany to the other running both ways, well to get on with this, summer resort.

Yesterday, we took a boat ride, as the weather wasn’t good enough to swim, and to start to day off with a bang. I didn’t get up till twelve bells, I’m still running true to form “ah”, but after dinner we took a canoe, and went over to this man made island it’s about two miles out into the lake. I would say about the middle, there is every thing there even a glass of beer if you want it and after rowing that far I sure needed a beer, they have a launch that goes over there but of course we like the work, “oh yes,” the meals are sure good, and the best part of it is we don’t have to pay for anything, everything is supplied by the Legion, of course I expect we will pay for it one of these days in taxes.

When I go back to Camp tomorrow I will be going down to vote for government in Ontario. I expect we will be in England to vote on the other main events, yes I bet it gets you down listening to the dirt they toss over the radio over these elections, it sure is a money making racket, it seems to me that next to war’s that’s the next biggest racket going, just so some guys can fill their pockets, “what say” well my expat group number is “61” which means I should be home  within a couple of months, I’m sure hoping so anyway but # 42 is the next to go, so it won’t take long  for my turn.

Well by gosh it’s nearly time for supper and I sure am hungry after the exercise, so I will close for once again. I hope there is mail when I get back,

Bye for now,
Seeing every one soon,
Your Ever Loving Son,

P.S. I’ve got some post cards of this place, so will send them soon.

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