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Date: November 1918
Murray's Mother

Thursday evening

My Dear Margaret,

Your letter just received and read, was pleased you were improving so nicely after your attack of influenza. My sister is still very poorly. She is not very rugged at any time and this attack has weakened her very much. The Dr was in this afternoon and wanted us to get her out in the sun, but she is really too weak to be out of bed and she takes so little nourishment that it is hard for her to gain much strength. I do long to be gone but I am afraid I cannot promise to go for Thanksgiving unless she takes a turn and improves more rapidly I could not think of leaving her. I have got so used to disappointments that I never plan for anything. Dorothy gave me the message of D'Arcy's letter over the phone and I did not quite understand it, only that it was instant death. There is some little consolation to know there was no suffering, but oh dear I too turn cold, and think and think till sometimes I feel numb. Am realizing the stern realities of it all, more and more especially when I see so many coming home, even though they are maimed someday we may understand it better.

I am feeling very lonely since coming here. Is shut in and my sister not able to speak very much to me. The girls are coming up from Toronto on Saturday. I will be pleased when they come it will be more company. I sent you a short wte[?] before leaving Toronto. I thank you so much for your letters they do be good, but I first can't express myself in writing. I would love to go and stay with you over the weekend, but just can't promise the way my sister is now so if you would like to go away do go, it will do you good. I will go as soon as I can and will let you know when I will be able to go.

I must close now as I have another urgent letter to write

Yours with very much
love from

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