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Date: February 11th 1900

Hotel Vendome, Winnipeg

11 Feb 1900

Dear Mother,

I have a little rather interesting news for you. Charlie and I came into town on Wednesday from Selkirk having finished our job out there. On Thursday night we were along at Jim's and while talking, Jim asked me why I didn't join Strathcona's Horse and go to South Africa. Charlie spoke up and said "What do you say if we both go?" "Alright," I said, "I'm with you." So next morning we got a letter of introduction from a friend of Jim's to the captain, went up to the barracks, were examined, measured, sworn in and had 2 hours drill before night, and we leave for South Africa tomorrow afternoon. We will go from here to Ottawa to be fitted out and then to Halifax and thence to Cape Town.

I am sorry we could not get up to see you before leaving, but it can't be helped. We had our photos taken yesterday with Stan and Jim. They will send some to you when they are ready. We also intend to try to get them taken in Ottawa when we get into uniform. We, with nearly all the troop took out insurance policies with the Foresters this morning. I will leave what stuff I don't want here and the boys will send it up first chance.

I don't [?] you can address [?] to, but I think if you addressed Winnipeg Troop, Strathcona's Horse, Ottawa, it would find us before we left there.

So with my best love to you dear mother,

Your affec. son


P.S. Charlie is sending a telegram.

P.S. We re going up to see Dodo this afternoon. He was quite a bit better yesterday.