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Date: September 6th 1917
Annie Mary Hodgson

Witley Camp September 6, 1917 Dear Aunt Annie, I received your very nice box of eats about two weeks ago. It came at a very convenient time too as I was in quarantine then and we sure did enjoy the biscuits and candy. Thank you ever so much for sending it to me. I suppose you will notice the change of address. We moved from Shorncliffe to Witley on Sunday past.. The usual six o'clock Reveille was put back to four o'clock and at six we were ready in full marching order to move off. We got on the train at Shorncliffe at 7:30 A.M. and arrived here at noon. Sunday afternoon and Monday were spent in cleaning up the huts and lines. Tuesday I started on signalling again. There are eight squads I am in # 7. I take a test for # 8 tomorrow. I've been over here a little more than nine months now and haven't had a days leave yet. Not even a week-end. As soon as I qualify I will be able to get a six days embarkation leave. I am going to London and Edinburgh. Leslie McCaw left here for France the 21st of last month. There isn't very much to do around here. There is a small town I about 2 ½ miles away, I don't know whether it even has a picture show in it or not. Godalming it is called, I walked there and back on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Guilford, about six or seven miles away, is much larger and more interesting I expect, altho I haven't been there yet. I like Shorncliffe much more than this place. How is everything with you at the farm? I suppose George is quite a big boy now. I hope you are all quite well. I am feeling fine. I got weighed Sunday night and turned up 152 lbs. much to my surprise. I am about 5 ft. 9 ins. tall. I'll bet Irving has got me by about four inches though. I am going to enclose a snap taken last spring of myself and a friend, Dave Bruce, he went to France about a month ago. We have, up to then, been together since we enlisted. Well now I've told you all the news so will close for this time. I hope I will hear from you sometime soon. I am your loving nephew, Elwood Sig. E. S. Greenleese, 349340, D Battery, 2nd Brigade, Can. Res. Arty. Witley Camp Surrey