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Date: November 10th 1917

4 Squadron R. F. C.
B. E. F. France


My Dear Em.

Your letter of Oct 11th came two or three days ago. So glad to hear from home again. The mails are so irregular these days that one scarcely knows what to expect, or when to expect it.

You certainly are having a very busy time of it. But it is a different kind of work and I am sure you will feel much better to be free of the school work.

We have been fairly busy lately too. Today has been quite dud and we did not go up at all. Raining nearly all day and very low clouds. Yesterday I was up twice and each time I ran into several rain and hail storms, which does not add to the pleasure of flying. Even the rain stings the face but hail is almost unbearable in the air. It often draws the blood where it hits, especially when flying into a storm. I will never forget my trip thru a hail storm when I was at Beverley. I did not know as much about flying then as I do now and I certainly thought I had done it. Since then I have had worse things than that and not minded them so much.

Had a letter from Alf the other day. He was quite well but does not like this part of the country very well. I hope he gets out soon and back to his old part of the line. Yesterday I tried to locate him but could not. I flew low over his battery but could not see him. I guess if I had landed I could have but the ground is not suitable. Will try to look him up when he comes out.

Have had no excitement of any kind all week. Tomorrow I am off on a joyride. I have to deliver a machine to some other aerodrome, don't know where yet, but they say the job will take all day. Of course, most of the time will be spent coming back in a motor car. Anyway, it is a day off

Have not heard, for a long time, about Ede Henderson. Is she still out West and did she marry the Irishman [?]? Also Mary Lowry? Beta must be nearly thru her course at the hospital, is she not?

The C. O. has been hinting for some time that I should go to England for the winter, but I have always evaded it. But tonight he came around and said good bye. I, however, entered a strong protest and worked on his feelings, so he is going to try to fix it so that I can stay out here for the winter. If he had said Canada I would not have turned it down.

My leg is all better now and I am feeling fit in every way. I do not feel the need of a rest now like I did when I came back from leave. I did put in a miserable two weeks in September with rheumatism etc, but that is all past now, and I am in the pink.

Lots of love for Father, Mother and self and kind regards to Miss Smith. Also my love to Aunt Lizzie, Aunt Maggie & all the rest.

Loving bro

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