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Date: October 4th 1917

4 Squadron R. F. C.
B. E. F. France


My Dear Mother.

No letter this week but all mail is more or less irregular now, so that I am not very much surprised. Last letter I had was from Winnipeg in which Em said you were leaving next day. I am sure you would all be very tired getting in from the lake and then you will both have had a tiresome journey from W'p'g.

There is absolutely nothing to write about this week. In fact there never is out here. For a week past I have been very fed up with the war, that is to say tired of it all. It does get on one's nerves sometime, you know. One gets so tired of seeing the same people every day, eating the same meals and hearing the same noises. But I am over that again and feel in very good spirits. I had just five days in bed with my immunization and it isn't a very cheery complaint. Joe, my man, looked after me most carefully. He rubbed my back with lotions, brought me all my meals and was most attentive in every way. I don't know how I shall get along without him when the war is over. However I think I would even risk that if peace should be declared tomorrow.

The news is so cheery now that one can scarcely complain. Of course I expect to put in another winter out here but I should think it would be the last, with any luck.

The past month has been most delightful. In fact the weather has been better than at any other time this summer. But last night it got quite cool and today it has rained most of the time and there is a regular storm on now. There will not be very much flying from now on.

Had a very nice letter from Bessie Connor the other day. She must be getting quite a big girl now. She writes a nice letter anyway.

And little Bea Allen Hamilton writes semi-periodically. She said something about Edith being engaged, but I guess I must be imagining it because she is just a kid, is she not? I hope Emily feels better for her holiday. It is a shame that the wretched board held her up on her contract. I would [have] let them whistle for their substitute had I been in her place. Health is the first consideration always.

Had a letter from Alf not long ago, from the base. He was feeling fine and dandy. He said not to write to him as he would be moving again soon. The kid will be alright, you need not worry about him. He will let me know if he wants anything and I can always go to him if he needs me. France isn't such a big place that a motor car or aeroplane will not get him if occasion arises.

Will close now as there is absolutely nothing to write about. Much love for each one, kindest regards for Miss Smith.

Loving son

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