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Date: August 26th 1917



My Dear Mother.

You may think it is strange that I have not written sooner, but as soon as I arrived in England I sent a cable so as to let you know I was in England and feeling fine.

Since then I have had a very busy two weeks and while I have not written it is not because I did not think about you often enough. I have had a very rush about time and as soon as I get back home I will write and tell you all about it.

I did not cable Father as I thought a cable might worry him but you no doubt sent word on right away.

I am leaving here in about half an hour for the boat to go across again. Am feeling tip-top and while here had a few snaps taken. Rene is having some prints made and will send them to me & then I will forward them on. Have just had tea with Capt and Mrs French and with Mr & Mrs Jones and Rene.

I hope you are still enjoying your visit & that both will stay as long as possible. Father seems to be getting along alright but I am sorry he could not go too. I just have time to drop a line to Auntie too before I go on the boat.

Heaps of love and kisses and I will write lots when I get back. Hope to have leave again at Xmas. I am feeling just fine.

Loving son.

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