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Date: April 16th 1917
Em and All

Y. M. C. A. France,

AND Date: April 16/17.

ASSOCIATION On envelope G. H. G.

Dear Emily & all

At last in this forlorn country I happen to have the materials and time for letter writing at the same time. Some few days ago I received Father's letter with the Bank of Montreal money order for $10 enclosed. Many thanks for the order, but please, next time you send me money, send it in English Bank or treasury notes as so far I have been unable to cash it here in France and I am flat broke. The last pay we received was the 12th of last month before leaving England. We are expecting a visit from the paymaster any of these days but so far it has been expectation.

Last night I received a joint letter from the three of you, dated March 22nd. I certainly was glad to hear from you all. I hadn't been feeling up to the mark and as an indulgence was allowed to lie in all day to rest up and I tell you the letter cheered me up wonderfully.

Before I forget, while at our former billets I received a bundle of papers from Father which I forgot to acknowledge. I was glad to see the home papers again as for quite a while I didn't get any.

In your letter you mentioned something about the women getting the vote. This is the first I have heard about it. Was it a provincial or Dominion measure and how did they come to get it?

I am sorry to hear that Mr Speirs has been sick. Surely with so many girls on the staff you could take better care of him than that. I wish I were back there so that I could supply for any of you that happen to get under the weather.

All this mention you make of visits to the various relatives etc makes me fairly homesick. I tell you when I get home I am going to make a good tour of the relatives to make up for lost time.

I have told you in letters before this my new address, have I not? It is 2nd How. Battery C7A B. E. F. France. Well, I should write more but the candle is just about out and we have no more so I shall have to close for this time. As you say, the way things are looking, the war might come to an unexpected end and believe me, we all hope so.

Well, I must close now. Good bye for the present and lots of love for you all.

Your affectionate brother

P. S. We are living for the most part on tinned stuff now so I should appreciate another box any time now. I should like some chocolate bars, cake or cookies, cream cheese etc. You know what I like.


337916 Sgt [?] Alfred E Gilroy
2nd Howitzer Battery
Canadian Field Battery
B. E. F. France
Army Post Office
London England

Capt W H Gilroy
4th Squadron Royal Flying Corps
B. E. F. France
Army P. O. London

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