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Date: March 22nd 1917

36 R. S.

March 22 1917

Dear Em.

Had two letters this week Feb 18 and 25, the first for nearly three weeks. Both came together so that I expect there has been a holdup somewhere on the line. Probably mine have been very irregular also.

Had a letter from Alf last week saying that he expected to leave for France on Saturday last. I did not get the letter until Friday, so just had time to wire him. I told him to call on Mr Reade or write him for any money he needed. I left money in the bank for him when I was down there in Jan but chances are he will never use it. However he need not suffer thru lack of it.

Well we are still having rotten weather. March has been the limit. No one shall ever convince me that English winters are things to be desired, especially the Yorkshire brand. We have had a series of wind, rain, hail and etc, for over a month now, and there does not seem to be any chance of a let up. Perhaps April will come in like the proverbial lamb, it is certainly going out like the beastly bear. I don't know when I was ever so sick of anything. I am absolutely wasting my time here and, incidentally, forgetting the little I did know about flying. Have not been up for 10 days now. It will be April before I get out now, and I should have been out in February anyway. On Sunday it was windy but some better so one of the boys went up. He is still in the hospital unconscious, with a fractured skull and 3 broken ribs, so it doesn't encourage one to go up in windy weather. They are horribly particular now as a result of that accident.

The scout machine that I was training for at Catterick has since been "washed out". They are not having any more of them at the front, so I wasn't far out on my guess, was I? Do you remember I said before that I thought they would be done away with quite soon.

I am still on Curtiss machine and while they are very slow, only do about 80 flying level, yet the engine is quite reliable. I passed out on artillery observation. I am supposed to be able to direct artillery by wireless and correct same. However that remains to be seen. It is very interesting work and I like it very much.

There isn't a thing to write about. I am feeling very fit in every way and if the weather would only get better I would feel much happier. The war is looking better every day now and I think that the Russian situation is going to go decidedly in our favor. If the U. S. do not get a move on they will be too late. I notice there is lots of activity in the R.F.C. of late too. I guess they are doing good work.

Must close now as I am nearly asleep. Lots of love for Father, Mother and self, and kind regards to Miss Smith.

Loving bro.

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