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Date: February 9th 1917

No 6 Reserve Squadron

February 9th 1917

Dear Em,

I am afraid this will be too late for the next mail, that is for today's boat but better late than never.

Your letter of Jan 21st to hand O.K. It came the beginning of the week. Glad you are all so well. I guess it is rather slow about town these days. Cheer up. I think the war will be over in less than a year now and then we will have a good time. If I have a cent to bless myself with I will buy some grapes and we can have a regular time of it.

Since returning from Hythe a week ago Monday, I have had quite a busy time of it. Last week I was early morning flying five mornings. That with this weather is some job. It is delightfully bright at that hour 7:30 A.M., but at about 4000 feet the oil and everything freezes up and one must needs come down. And breakfast goes well too. The first two mornings I had some sandwiches and cake that Marjorie Jones gave me to eat on the train but after that I stuck it out. I have applied for a transfer on to tractor machines and I believe I have made it. Major told me yesterday not to fly any more until he heard from the Wing, so I guess that means I am going to be transferred. It will throw me back in getting my wings quite a lot, but I will feel better going over on tractors as the type I am now on are going to be washed out soon and then I would have to learn the others in France. I had three fairly good or bad crashes last week, don't worry, I did not hurt myself at all. My C. O. says I will never be killed flying as in all my seven crashes I have always been so lucky. I seem to get some very bad machines to fly but I am getting off them now so from now on it will be smooth sailing.

I expect to leave here in a day or two and have no idea where I will be. Very likely it will be Doncaster, which is nearer York and south of here. At any rate it will not be further north unless I go to Scotland.

Must close now and mail this. I have a gun test right away and then am going up with a stunt pilot for a flip. Love to Father Mother & self & kind regards to Miss Smith.


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