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Date: December 4th 1916

Royal Flying Corps,


Dear Em.

Your letter and Mothers came day before yesterday. Also the big parcel for Alfred, which appeared to be in good condition, and which I immediately forwarded to 74 Radnor Park Rd. for delivery. And also while I am acknowledging things I might mention the parcel from Mother enclosing the sleeping gear and the rug from Doris Addison. Also the box of home-made candy from yourself which is very fine?indeed. Most of it is already consumed and has been much enjoyed. Thanks very much for it all. You are very kind indeed and I hate to take so much stuff while am in England and living in the lap of luxury, as it were.

Yesterday morning I got a wire from Alf saying he was in London. So I went up early in the afternoon and saw him at his hotel. He was with a bunch of his chums so I did not like to interfere too much. We had some tea then went for a walk, and finally had some dinner downtown. He seemed to be feeling pretty fit and enjoyed his trip to Scotland and was quite eager to get over to France. I rather envy him getting away so soon. Gave him some friendly advise about writing home and etc, but felt that I was quite the wrong one to do it, as I am not an expert myself.

Have not had much flying this week, but today it is much better and we may get up more. It has been so windy that they were afraid to let us go up solo but I think I am almost fit for my test now. Friday afternoon we had a little excitement when one of the men had a crash. I had just come down and so saw it myself. He got off very luckily though, with two broken legs, 4 broken ribs and a broken jaw. We all thought he had been killed and his machine could be termed a MESS. I was in the other day getting some prices on my equipment. Things are awfully high, but of course one expects that in the army, I mean the R. F. C. I got a few little things but I can see that before I do any real high flying I shall have to spend about 200.00 perfectly good dollars on things to keep me warm. Furs are about the only thing that are any good, and they are out of sight over here. I got a pair of goggles with a little fur on it and with the triplex lens which do not splinter in one's face in case of a crash and they cost me $7.50 so you can judge from that. However I have no kick coming as I have the money and want the comfort.

Don't know what I shall do about Xmas. I hope to get a couple of days but it is very doubtful. If I do get some time I shall go to Folkestone, otherwise I shall spend what time I have with friends in town. Now that Alf is leaving I have no hope of spending it with him. If I can only get the time I have lots of perfectly good invitations. Would like to spend it at home though and may next year.

Lunch is on now so I must get on. The meals here are only just so, and I still go to town every evening for dinner. It is so cold in the huts that I nearly freeze when I stay here.

Lots of love for Father, Mother and self and kindest regards for Miss Smith.

Loving brother