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Date: July 24th 1916



Dear Em,

Am a day or two late but otherwise O.K. Your last letter said that Alf had been home on his grand finale, and expected to leave for England in [the] near future. If it is not too late when you get this why just drop me a line when he leaves and I may be able to see him when he comes. I heard at the camp the other day that there was a batch of Artillery expected soon, so they may be it. I am glad he is coming with the guns and not as a footman.

Whole grists of papers such as 'Weekly Mail & Empires', 'Reps', 'Globes' etc have arrived the past week, the accumulation of months, I should think. There were no 'Saturday Posts' among them and I am glad because I can get it here and there is no need to send it at all. I do enjoy seeing the 'Reps' and the others though. I do hope our relatives in town are through dying because nearly every 'Rep' I look at, some how our family are in it. First Uncle Edward and then Uncle Wm. Tasker, so soon afterwards. We are having very cool weather for July, I think. Not like last year at all.

I don't suppose we have had two weeks of real summer weather so far. I gather that you have had a little warm weather, enough at least to brown your skin, which is more than we have had.

Oh yes you will be pleased to know that I have joined the golf club, and am the rottenist player on limbs. I am going to play about 3 afternoons a week. My eyes were giving me trouble for some time so last week I went to Percy Bell, the eye specialist at [the] Canadian Hospital and he examined me. He said my eyes were O.K. but that my trouble was nerves, imagine NERVES. My left eye used to twitch at the corner and felt as though I were winking, but I wasn't, of course. He said I started in to work too soon after my illness and said to take a month off. However we are too busy for that just now, so I have, as I said before joined the Golf Club and am going to play often. Col. Armstrong, for whom I have no use, is very good and said to take holidays and asked me if I would like to make the return trip to Canada, but the war might be over before I got back, Ha, Ha.

Really I feel pretty good again now. The Dr said all I needed now was lots of out-door exercise and route marches so I walk to the Camp every morning and part way home again. The weather has been rather good for walking. I have not had the courage to put on my summer underwear yet and as long as this weather continues, I shall not.

I was greatly surprised on Saturday to find Haddo Meikle in the hospital. I went over to his quarters and could not find him so they told me he had been removed to the hospital. I found that he had quite recovered from his complaint, and just as he was ready to leave they discovered that he had asthma. So the Dr ordered him back to bed, with mustard poultices. I told him the treatment was very familiar, if the disease was not. I was in again today, and took him a magazine or two and he is quite alright.
I do wish some of you could come over while I am here. I don't think that submarines should enter into the question at all. I asked for leave to go to Ireland again, but it is all off except in special cases. I wish I had a grandfather over there or a great aunt.

I may go up town for the week end this week. There are a couple of little matters I want to see about, and if I am successful I may get a change of scenery. However I am not very hopeful, and shall not be disappointed.
I have not seen Lorne St J[ohn] [?] for some time. I think he must be on his leave. He liked London so well that he has canceled his trip to Scotland to take in the sights of the town. First impression are always good you know.

How are the Toronto people getting along? Have not heard from G. F. or any of them for a long time. I am so sorry to hear of Belle Jeffrey's illness. It is too bad. I am glad mother was down to see them. She must be pretty bad.

Roy White is now I expect in France again. He was to have left a week ago and I haven't seen him since.

Must close now to get the boat tomorrow or it will be still later in arriving. Lots of love for Father, Mother and big share for self.

Loving bro


Kind regards to Miss Smith.