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Date: May 1916


44 Marine Parade
Hythe Kent

Dear Father,

This is a perfectly glorious day. The sun is shining and the air is beautiful. As I write by the open door I can see halfway across to France and the water is perfectly calm. I think the water adds about 80% to the location of any place. I am feeling a lot better than I did a week ago when I came down here. I had to go up to London on Tuesday on business but I did not stay any longer than I could help, returning on Wednesday, yesterday. While there I went in to see the Medical Board, and they said I could go up to Folkestone for my board instead of going up to London as I had intended. I am due for another board on May 24, and I hope that will be the last.

Before I go across I must run up and get a suit of civilian clothes made. I haven't had a suit of civvies on since May 12 last and a year of one color is a bit stiff, isn't it? When I get my leave again I shall indulge in wearing some everyday togs. Yours of April 25 with enclosures from G. F. and Em arrived two days ago. It had been out to France, as all my mail, then up to 50 Weymouth St. and then forwarded down to Hythe, so that altogether it has made very fair time. I am very sorry to hear of Fanny Yeoman's death. She was such a fine woman, and will be greatly missed by all. I feel very sorry for Horace. as well as all the Kettlewells. So you had a visit from Doug K! Does he act the same as he used to? He also appears to be having a hard time of it. I mean with his family. I am glad Mother has the automobile fever and I hope it is infectious and that you catch it. I do think you would all have a great deal of pleasure with a cheap car, I mean an inexpensive one. When I get back, and get a little recovered from my financial ruin, I think I will get a Ford myself. They are quite within the reach of even the humble now. G. F. seems to have had his money's worth out of his, and I think it a better car than A J Corbett's.

You are quite right about St Eloi. It is hot enough for the most of us, and is to be our home for the next couple of months. Those whose smelling facilities are not the best have the advantage during the hot weather, as it is not exactly a garden of roses. (Mum about this part).

Saw Lorne St John today. He is a sergeant with the C. A. D. C. and is stationed at Folkestone. He is looking well and feeling in good shape. I wrote his Mother to?day. Was over to Ketchens to?day, but the General does not get home until the 26th, while I leave on the 24th. Guess I will not see him until he gets back to the front again.

I am enjoying this much more than London but will be glad when I get across and get something to do again.

Lots of love for Mother, Em, Alf, and self and kind regards to Miss Smith.

Loving son