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Date: April 24th 1916

50 Weymouth St. London W.

April 24th 1916

Dear Em.

Again I am minus tonsils. This time I think they got to the root of the trouble and I think I shall be O.K. for some time now. At the same time, I had the Dr look for adenoids but they were not present. Great disappointment you may be sure.

On Thursday I was over to Harley St. and the specialist made a thorough examination. He said one of the tonsils was badly diseased and that the other was not too bad. The funny part of it was that it was the good one which had been giving me all the trouble. At least it appeared that way to me. At any rate he said he would operate the following day at 10:30 a.m. So when I got home I realized that the next day was Good Friday, and he certainly slipped one over on me, as I had intended to go to some of [the] Easter festivities. However, with those chaps who are so busy, it is just a case of take them when you can get them, and be thankful. He asked me if I would like a general anaesthetic but I did not like the way he said it so I said "No, Certainly not."
So when he got me on the table and had my throat injected clear around to my ears, he said it was not customary to do this operation with [out] chloroform, but that if I wished he would go ahead. So I wished and he did. One as I said was quite bad and it took him over half an hour to get both out completely and I was present in person all the while. During the festival I got a cramp in my foot but of course I could not talk as they had me by the tongue, so I had to grin & bear it.

That afternoon Major & Mrs Andrews & Muriel called. They are Frank's people you know and have lived over here ever since the war began. Major A. got the D. S. O. some little time ago. They brought me a lot of books and papers to read and they stayed and had tea in my room. I, in the meantime, sucked ice and said naught. While they were here my parcel of mail arrived from the front. I sent word to the postal sergeant and he forwarded it all on. Just 23 letters and about as many papers. Some mail eh, and some pleasant job reading them all. It will not be so pleasant when I have to answer them all.

Muriel has got a whole new Easter outfit so she is coming around today to let me see it. She is a great little girl. She is about 16 or 14, not over I think.

And speaking of clothes, I was down town the other day and ordered a whole new outfit. I was almost in tatters and was quite ashamed to be seen on the street. I haven't got them yet but when I do I suppose I will have that "broke but happy feeling". Seven months in Belgium certainly wrecks ones clothes and I only had two complete suits over there so I think I did very well, don't you?

I am up today for first time since Friday. It seems good to be around. I am sitting in a big easy chair, with my feet to the coal grate fire, and while my throat is still rather raw I am feeling fine. The Dr said today that I should stay here for a week, and then be "boarded". That is if the Medical Board find me fit for service I beat it back, if not they give me three weeks leave, in a convalescent home if I wish. But I think in a week I will feel pretty well fed up with doing nothing. So I don't really care which way it goes.

Was so glad to get all the letters from home, also the papers etc. I have spent all my spare time since they arrived reading about the war as seen thru Canadian papers. It makes very interesting reading. In one of the bundles Father sent I found a Great-West book. And in another a couple of 'Onwards', with articles by our mutual friend A. Lloyd Smith. Thank Father for all. G. F. sent me a 'Spec' with a picture of the bride & groom and quite a write-up about their past, present and future. I also had a long letter from Beta Allen with quite a lot of news re jubilee.

I sent off a cable Sat evening. Tho't you might like to know where I was and why for Easter. Hope it arrived O.K. Feeling rather weary so will have a little nap before tea at 4 p.m. Good Friday I got swell roses and tulips from some of my almost-forgotten London friends. Lots of love for Father, Mother Alf and self.

Bro Wilbert

p. s. If Alf is not at home please forward WHG

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