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Date: April 12th 1916

April 12th 1916

My Dear Mother,

I am still here at the Isolation Hospital but I am quite alright now. Last night I had my carbolic bath, all my clothes were done over in the same and my room was sprayed with formalin. So you see I am just like a new person today. In fact they gave me a new room last night and I expect I shall be leaving here very shortly, perhaps tomorrow.

You know how my throat has always troubled me, more or less and especially in the winter time. Well, I spoke to the M. O. about it, and he advised me to have my tonsil[s] removed while I am down here. I think perhaps it is a good idea and I will see what can be done. Might just as well have everything done while I am on the sick list, or rather supposedly so. If I do have them out it will most probably be done at No 14 General, which is just a little way up the road from here. It also is right on the beach and it is quite a nice place from outside appearances.

I wrote the Col of the Fd. Amb. [field ambulance?] about my leave, as it has to come thru him. While I am over due on it, yet owing to some new disposition of our own Dental Corps, leave has been again canceled for the time being. I am not much disappointed, as I had not counted very much on it. In fact I don't count on anything in re to the army, and in that way I have few disappointments from that source. However the Col. did say that I should try to work my leave from here, independent of the Corps, which was a very good suggestion on his part, and if they suggest giving me the same from this end, I shall not turn it down.

It is rather miserable not being able to get any mail thru. I have been here eleven days now and have not had a thing but I did not leave or write any instructions as I do not know how long I may be detained and there is always a chance of its being lost on the road. When I do get back to the line I expect there will be quite a nice little packet for me.

Today has been miserable. This morning it poured all morning, and I did not get up until after lunch. I could not had I wished, as my clothes were in the "process" and I only had the one set with me. I will be glad when I can get some place where I can get some more underclothing, or get these properly washed. I only took a small haversack with me, and there is not much room for 'extras'.

It is getting on for eleven months since I left Canada, and in some ways it seems longer and in lots of others, not so long. Up the line, the time passes very quickly and weeks fly like days. Here it is different and I am quite fed up with the inactivity. It is no joke lying around when one is feeling fit. The first few days I rather enjoyed it, as I was feeling just a little off, but now it is quite different.

One of the boys has this minute come in, and he tells me that all leave is off again. I guess you know what that means. So my little trip is squelched again for the time being. However the weather will be better later on.

It is past dinner time now so I must close & wash up. the meals here are excellent and I am doing my duty by them all, at any rate. Lots of love for all the family & heaps for self.

Loving son,

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