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Date: March 13th 1916

March 13th 1916

Dear Em.

This is a glorious spring day. We have had a few nice days but nothing to compare to this. Already the roads are beginning to dry up and if this continues for a couple of weeks, things ought to be in pretty good shape.

Yesterday (Sunday) was very nice too. I went back to the office for about an hour after lunch and then I went for a good long walk. B-- is about 3� miles away and I started out with another fellow to walk. It was grand so we kept right on. When we got there we walked around a little and then went over to a nice place & had a cup of tea before starting for home. I saw some very nice apples also and bought a couple. They appear to be quite a luxury over there, 10 cts apiece. But they are well worth it. Then we started out & walked most of the way home. Then we hailed a truck and rode the balance of the way in state.

The mails are very irregular now. I suppose they are at that end too. I don't know what the trouble is unless the trains are all being used for troops. Have not had a Canadian mail for over two weeks and it is nearly a month since we have had a Canadian newspaper. Once in awhile we get an English paper, but the boys are generally pretty well sold out before they reach us.

These bright days are ideal for aeroplane fights. We have several every day and they are most interesting. For example one came over this morning and dropped one in our yard, and several along the road, but it is wonderful how little damage they do. For that matter the enemy guns do very little damage so far as we are concerned. Everyone about here welcomes a little excitement and we all run out to watch proceedings.

We have our old Brigade back with us for awhile. Rumors are afloat that we will not be intact for long, but all we can do is to live in hopes. So far we have fared excellently and have no kicks coming.

I am writing this at the office & between patients and there are a bunch waiting now so I will get this much off and write again when I get some mail. It is rotten when no mail comes, as there is nothing here to write about.

I am feeling better than ever now and if this weather keeps up I will revive my youth.

Much love for all the family and kind regards for Miss Smith.


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