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Date: January 13th 1915

Jan 13/15 [year misdated]

Dear Alf

Letters from Wilbert just came today. Let George read them and return them as soon as possible.


Dear Father.

Those stupid insurance people make me sick. I left full instructions with my lawyer, also with Winnipeg office as to what was to be done re premium & etc.

I told Trick to send premiums to you, and told office that notice for such should be sent to him direct. I hope they have not worried you with it, and decidedly do not pay for it.

And re office. I hope you don't think I am worring [sic] about it. I will be delighted to get anything at all when I get home, and besides I am paying Trick to look after it. He is doing best he can I am sure. I would not even mention office to Uncle Bert, so please don't give any of these things another thought. They will all come out alright in end and I am too busy over here to think about the insurance premium. If you should have occasion to write to Trick his address is below.

Lots of love

E.G. Trick Esq.
530 Somerset Block
Winnipeg, Man.

P. S. Feeling fine as usual.
W. H. G.

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