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Date: November 29th 1915


29 Nov 1915

Dear Father,

This is one rotten night. Cold, raining, or rather, was raining and is now sleet, and generally miserable. We have put the last bit of coal on the fire, so now it is make hay while the sun shines, for in a little while it will be too cold to stick around.

Yesterday was lovely, cold, clear and crisp. It was a great day for a scrap, even if it was Sunday. I was wakened up in the morning by firing, which appeared to be quite close. Upon investigation I found that there was an aeroplane fight on just over our house. It was very interesting, and they were quite plain, a British and a German. They started to pepper one another and the shots landed all about us. Several dropped on the roof. Then one of our anti-aircraft guns got busy and banged him with shrapnel. It also dropped on the roof and all about the yard. It is quite harmless stuff though and we were in no danger whatever at any time. As usual we got the son of a gun. We always do.

I was quite busy yesterday. Worked hard till 4.30 pm then had to stop for darkness. At that I worked the last half hour by candle light. Then I put on my coat and walked over to the next town to see our colonel. He had gone to tea so I had a nice walk back in the darkness. It was a great sight. The sky, every few minutes, would light up as a big gun would go off. Then you could count 6 slowly, then a tremendous report, and you had lots of time to wonder which way it was coming. They sound just like an express train, so if it gets less noisy all the time, you know you are O.K. If not duck. It is all very fine. And we certainly have it all over the Germans in every way. We have the guns now and we are giving them a bit of their own medicine. The other day we had a big bombardment on our front. We sent over 3000 shells that day and they replied with a measly 34. On one spot, a strong point in their lines, we sent over a high explosive every 10 seconds for three hours. Pretty warm spot for Fritz, what do you think? I am absolutely positive that we have them beaten & if things in the East were as favorable it wouldn't take long either. We can hold our end, and perhaps do a little better.

At last the socks have arrived. Did I tell you last letter? I guess not as they just came in last week. I lose all track of time over here, and forget what I have told from time to time, so you may get several repeat orders. Also a letter from Em this week and 'Star' and 'Globe' from yourself. Many thanks. No mail has arrived this week. Mail service on hummer but it will likely come soon now.

I suppose I can say Merry Xmas now, as it will be nearly Xmas by the time you get this. I will be here for the festive occasion, so far as I know, but as long as I have lots of fuel I will be fine. Will write again soon. Lots of love for Mother, Em, Alf and self, and kindest regards for Elizabeth. I got her letter and will write soon.


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