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Date: May 10th 1917
Jack Beck

Thursday. May 10, 1917.

My dear Gertrude,

Two letters from you yesterday - my usual mail day these weeks. I hope that the cold you got a the travelogue is long since better. So the Storrs have to move on again. It does not seem as if they are to be permitted to remain in one place long, in fact the only way to do so in Toronto seems to be to own ones house.

Berk did not tell me of any parcel not from you perhaps he would not know that the one from Edith was not from you but think you had posted it in another town.

I am sorry to hear of Mr. Brigden's death although not surprised. He was quite seriously ill a year or two ago & of course not young. He was an interesting old man to meet.

It will be very disappointing for Charlie Creighton to have to give up hope of an active service commission after being up for so long a time.

This paper seems to get worse so I will only write on one side.

I got out to Finsbury Park per tram tube & bus on Sunday & then about five minutes walk to the house by 4.30. The Sunday Schools disgorging their crowds as I passed along. I found that your Aunt had left for the Isle of Wight ten days before so I left my name. I believe it would be Mrs. Heaven who answered the door but I was not sure if that was the name of the relation Miss Chapple was staying with, so I did not ask. She said she remembered Miss Chapple mentioning me. I took train back to Trafalger Square, had tea at one of your places & then strolled down Whitehall to Westminster. A perfect May evening & London is at its best in May. There are not many finer parts of any City than London round about the Abbey. I had a walk round - saw the new Westminster Headquarters Church of the Wesleyans, just opposite the Abbey West entrance - more a hall than a church - & built in rather an opera house style but rather fine - not in keeping however with all the Gothic Architecture about, as all the office buildings in the vicinity are in Gothic & some of them very interesting in design. Quite a crowd was gathering outside the Abbey for the 7 oclock service but at the last moment I decided to go into St Margarets for service, the small church that nestles under the shadow of the abbey. Not my first time there. A good congregation, a very nice service, plain but hearty, a very interesting anthem by Rachmaninov the Russian Composer, The Rector - Canon Carnegie who married Mr. Joseph Chamberlain's widow last year - did not preach but made quite "a few remarks" after reading the Kings Food proclamation. The sermon was very good - the tent referring to the command to Solomon to build the temple without noise - & the subject God's Silding working - even in this time of war. After the service I walked over to the Wesleyan church & found lthey had a Soldier's Club in the basement so dropped in & had some milk & rolls. Not a bad place but very few in it. Got back to barracks by 10.45, but I had made my bed up already so as to have no difficulty in getting down in the dark.

Had a letter for Gordon yesterday. He was with his brother on Sunday - sharing the church duties with him, so if I had known I might have had tea with them.

To-day I heard from Mother - I will enclose her letter to you. It is the first she has written since the news came of Robin. I wish it was possible for me to get home whilst Beck is there but leave is more than difficult to get now.

The remark about Joan was called forth through my enclosing your account of her remarks the last time you kept house for Mrs Storrs.

I have been back on the barrack square to-day. Three parades - and a two hours route march. Our weather still perfect. The fighting continues to be intense but although nothing dramatic has happened lately things are going on well I believe.

The things from your parcel have arrived - cookies, nuts, chocolate & the knee caps - thanks for all. Our 5.20 reveille & 6.30 before breakfast parade has begun, we get a cup of coffee if we have time to go for it - so I am using the eatables as a before parade snack. The "Globes" have just arrived this afternoon.

I must close as I have a 6 p.m. appointment with a man downstairs. Don't feel like walking far, as the march plus parades after a hot bath I had last night have made my feet rather tender. They are the one part of me that has never resumed their normal state.

I hope things are going well in every way & you are all well.

With very best love.


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