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Date: July 1st 1918
Walter Liddiard

Witley Camp

July 1st 1918

Dear Dad.-

Just a few lines to wish you many happy returns of the day and I hope you will have many more happy ones. I guess this the first time I've been away on your birth-day and I hope it will be the last [?] don't worry once I get back to old Victoria I won't want to roam anymore. This [?] is very pretty but Canada is plenty good enough for me. I am sorry I can't send you a little present I look all over the town but couldn't see anything I could possibly send you except just a card. Next time I hope you will be just as well pleased with my best regards. This is Dominion Day and there fore a full holiday for us. I went to Guildford about 7 miles from here, by train. We left at 7.45 this morning and got back at 8.30 this evening. Guildford is quite a town, we spent more of the day walking about the town, expect for a few hours we spent at the [?]. The artillery made a good name from themselves, winning the most points. This has been the hardest day's work I've had for a long time, have been on the go all the day, but I enjoyed myself fine. Tom, Jack Jameson and I went to-gether.

I had quite a change yesterday one of our fellows got acquired with some people in Godalming they asked him over to the house lecture or rather a sermon, by a Col Rev Johnson, who is supposed to be one of the best speakers in Canada. I enjoyed it very much and I think it did a lot of us a lot of good.

I was sure surprised to hear that Emily [?] was married it's a wonder someone hasn't married her before now. She is pretty good looking and has got a mighty nice disposition as well. I haven't received the paper you sent me yet.

I received a letter from [?] today he is feeling fine and happy he sent his regards to you both. He has been playing base-ball and football quite a lot lately so you see they have some good times over there.

Glad to hear you are still having visitors, hope Mrs. [?] drops around pretty often she sure is cheerful company Mrs. Sibbald seems to come over pretty often, too. She said she would, give them my regards when you see them.

As regards money, I have still [?]2 left, which I intend to keep for my leave. I guess I told you that we that we get 5 or 6 days leave and they allow us [?] 6 out of what is due us to spend. They tell me the money doesn't go very far here now and from what I've seen around here I can well believe it. Still [?]8 aught to see me through alright.

Glad to hear you are getting such good weather, it must be nice out in the garden, these days, but be careful you don't work to hard. We have been having great weather now for a long time now. With only a few wet days, today, or rather. This morning, we had a thunder storm and some heavy rain but this afternoon, it is clear as a bell. It isn't near as hot as it was last month, just right.

How is Pat getting on does he still miss me? I guess he is getting used to it by now. If you can find that picture of him sitting on the box, send it to me. If you have a picture of me left, that is one of the post card send it to Doug he asked me for one, his address,

[?]D.W. Morry 1260416 61st Battery. 14th Brigade 67a
B.E. France

one of these days you and Dad will have to have your picture taken and send me one, even a snap shot will do, but a real photo post card would be better.

8.PM Have just been up for late supper of 2 buns and a cup of coffee. Gee, I must be getting fat, at least a dozen have told me so this after-noon. This is the life.

We have a [?] canteen now where we can buy quite a variety of stuff at reasonable prices. We can get a new laid egg, fried, with potatoes for 6 d. and a [?] of good coffee for 2d. Things sure have changed since we came here first, we were hungry all the time then and couldn't buy much either.
I will have more to write about when we get out of quarantine.

Your loving son


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