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Date: January 20th 1919
Mother and Father
Walter Liddiard

No 63

Jan 20th 1919

Dear Mother & Dad,-

Well we have completed our period of occupation in Germany and are back again in Belgium. We took the train to Huy (Hoei) which you can find on the map, as it is quite a decent sized place and then marched to this village, [?] I think [?] the name, though I'm not sure how it is spelled it is 30 kilometers from Huy.

It rained and snowed part of the way, so it wasn't a very enjoyable trip, [?] I guess it didn't hurt us much anyway we have had it pretty easy

I guess we will be here quite a little time, but nobody knows what we will do

The people in Ostheim seemed sorry to see us go, in fact some of them cried. They sure treated us fine, far better than the Belgium's do, but just the same I didn't like them, and it's likely they treated us that way to make a good impression on us.

The lady at our house gave me a package of bread and butter to take on the train and gave me a big meal before I started of barley soup, meat (I guess it was house meat I we should worry). and fried potatoes and beets. The butter and meat were something they seldom had them selves, so that was quite a treat.

She also bought me two souvenirs, a solid glass paper weight and a cigarette ash-tray, both with views of Cologne on them. I don't know if I will be able to keep them as they [?] to get broken.

Are quarters here I not near so comfortable and the climate is cold and wet, so I hope we don't stay long, still we are having an easy time, so we can't kick, but of course we are all anxious to get back to England and then home. The more I see of these countries the more I appreciate Canada, she has them all beat.

I had a letter from Tom Rendell, he was near [?] which isn't far from Cologne. He says his mother was over to see toy several times, but you were out. [?] had the 'flu, but she is getting better.

I also had a letter from Doug, he is at the base and doing well, he says he's having a good time. He was disappointed at not making the trip to Germany, but I don't think he missed much. He expects to go to England and then maybe back home, so I guess you will see him before me.

I haven't had much mail for the past week on account of moving, I guess

I'll get a lot not.

Well I must close now hoping you are both well.

As ever, your loving son Walter

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